Jun Hyun Yun

About Me

My name is Jun Hyun Yun. I am a fifth-year Ph.D. candidate in Economics at Cornell University. I conduct empirical research in public finance, health economics and labor economics. Specifically, I am focusing on the impacts of several kinds of government policies, such as Social Security, cigarette taxes, and food stamps, on various aspects of the lives of people including health outcomes, health behaviors and labor supply.

In my job market paper, I investigate the causal relationship between the Earliest Eligibility Age (EEA) for Social Security and the health outcomes and health behaviors of the elderly. Also, I am examining the dynamic patterns of the impact of cigarette taxes on smoking behavior and the effects of internet use on sales tax incidence. In addition, I am conducting research on the impacts of food stamps on smoking, the influences of the introduction of Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) on food expenditures and smoking of SNAP recipients, and the effects of increases in the Full Retirement Age (FRA) of Social Security on the labor supply and savings of people in late working ages.

I strongly believe that insights and intuitions from economics can be helpful for creating a better world. Also, I have a deep interest in history and philosophy, especially modern Korean history. It is my conviction that humanities can deepen the understanding of our society and suggest the right directions for how to use the knowledge of social sciences for our world. I am on the job market in this academic year.

Contact Information

E-mail: jy697@cornell.edu

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